With all the money I’ve spent on internet dating over the years, I could have been on a very luxurious holiday. Has it worked? No. I’ve met some nice people, some weird and some downright rude. But no one that fitted.

So do you keep looking rather than sticking with someone who’s average? Someone who can do the job but doesn’t excite you? I see many people who do settle but don’t seem truly happy. That might be OK for some, but it’s not for me. It might be seen as risky but you need to take risks (albeit calculated) to really get what you want.

The same applies to business. If you need to market your business, you want to use people who are like-minded and ‘get you’ don’t you? Marketing yourself is often way down the list of priorities as the day-to-day job gets in the way. Your agency should be with you all the way: understanding your pressures, taking the pressure off your shoulders, and not making extra work.

“Choosing an agency deserves more effort than a Tinder-style swipe through a procession of websites”

So surely it’s worth the hassle of searching for a new agency if you’re not really getting what you want from your current one. It might take a little bit of soul-searching, chats, meetings and introspection but, if it means you can build a long-term, trusted relationship where the feeling of respect is mutual, it’s worth the time, effort and occasional bad date.

P.S. I have met someone who fits, through a completely different channel!

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